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We will be launching Bondi Public School's  Organic Veggie Group at the beginning of term 3, 2019.

Please fill out the form below this info to become a member. When we have 40 + signups we can launch the program.

Please let all your local community friends know about the program by sharing this signup link, the email, webpage etc.
What's in the box?

Each week you will find 11 -13 different organic fruits and vegetables. There will be a good mix of staples: lettuce, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, apples, mandarins, bananas etc. Each week the box changes it depends on what is in season and what families really want. We have approximately 65% vegetables and 35% fruit in the box. We try to put onions and potatoes in fortnightly and keep the fruit as seasonal as possible. Seasonality equals abundance of harvested produce, think citrus in winter, cauliflower in winter, mangoes in summer. Our produce is organic and up to 45% less than normal retail shop fronts and home delivery because your school community veggie box group secures the same wholesale prices shops do. You're not paying for shop rents, staffing, fit outs or home delivery charges.

This program has the highest sustainability credentials as no plastic bags are used and we have cut out an entire tier of distribution with all of its associated environmental costs e.g reduced delivery miles, reduced refrigeration on the store shelf and of course the produce is fresher.

Community working together
The community building nature of the program is key. Like minded, health conscious community members pitch in to help everyone out. By packing the boxes as a community everyone receives affordable organic produce.


Would you like a half priced box each week?
We need a facilitator to help each week for 30 minutes. The facilitator receives a half priced box. The job involves printing the name labels the night before and running the 2.30pm Thursday divvy of produce for 25mins. If the group is large enough we can potentially have 2 facilitators. If you are interested please email with "Bondi Public School facilitator" in the subject line.

Help packing the produce at 2.30pm Thursdays in the kitchen building. (you can still order if you can't help due to work commitments)
When the program starts it would be great if you can help us divvy up the produce at 2.30pm Thursdays in the school's kitchen building so we can all get fresh organic produce at up to 40% off the retail price. You will be emailed a link to sign up to a few spots each term. If you can't make it due to work commitments don't worry you can still become a member.
  • Bring your own bags to pick your produce up 3pm- 6pm Thursdays (of school term)
  • please bring your own shopping bags to take the produce home.
  • produce has to be picked up anytime Thursday evenings from the rear deck of the school's kitchen building. 
  • Only pick up produce from the crate with your name labell on it. (please don't take the crate)
  • VERY IMPORTANT: please only pick up the produce from the box with your name label on it, the label looks like this:


All the best,


My Organic School

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The facilitator receives a half priced box for 30 min work on Thursdays at 2.45pm