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We'd love you to join Woollahra Public School's Organic Vege Box Co-op.

It would be great if you can help us divvy up the produce at 3pm Thursdays so we can all get fresh organic produce at up to 40% off the retail price. If you can't make it due to work commitments don't worry you can still become a member.
  • We will meet every Thursday at 2.30pm  (of school term) across from the school's canteen to divvy up the fresh, organic fruit & vege into family boxes. 
  • Boxes have to be picked up before 6pm Thursdays from across from the canteen, (if you can't make it please pick the box up before 8.45am the next day)

VERY IMPORTANT: please only pick up the box with your name label on it, the label looks like this:

  • PLEASE VOLUNTEER FOR A FEW PACKING OF PRODUCE SPOTS (DIVVYS). (link to a volunteering site will come when we launch)
  • We expect members to help out every 2nd or 3rd week.
  • The divvy only takes 20 minutes
  • There will be a link to volunteer 
  • Please pay the $25 yearly membership fee if you want to continue using the co-op after your first 2 orders. This covers administration costs, divvy equipment etc.
  • SCHOOL FACILITATORS (for all questions)
  • Naomi Tarz ph:0414449204 naomi.tarz@gmail.com or admin@myorganicschool.com

All the best,


My Organic School
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