Register your interest in bringing the "Veggie Buddies" curriculum to your school or to become a certified 'Veggie Buddies' educator.

'The Veggie Buddies' 9 week course is focused on giving K-4 students an experience of 'where their food comes from'. All Veggie Buddies classes are Federal Curriculum aligned. All classes are designed to be taught in and around school veggie beds which create the perfect outdoor classroom. The course is highly interactive and play based so students experience life long nutritional change. The STEM areas of Science, technology, English and Maths are emphasised with the additional of Physical health and Wellbeing.

We also offer a Professional Development course for teachers called the 'Veggie Buddies Educator Certification". This 3 hour online course provides teachers with all the skills necessary to teach the 'Veggie Buddies" curriculum in their school's veggie beds.

​The full 9 week curriculum will be available for free download by every school operating a 'My Organic School' organic veggie box co-op

​In addition a 3 hr Professional development online course for teachers and parents will be available free for all schools  operating a 'My Organic School' organic veggie box co-op.​

If you would like to be contacted about bring the Veggie Buddies curriculum to your school or you would like to become a "Veggie Buddies Certified educator" please fill out the form below.

​9 week course class names:

Sample class: 'Eat your Greens"

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